Mini megaphone
with built in microphone

Megaphones are largely used on sites where there is a likelihood of large crowds such as museums, schools etc. The Fire Marshall can give amplified instructions to personnel from any area of the building or site. This model has a built in microphone and is a smaller design than the standard to make it very easy to use and carry around. It is a good option to carry in a fire warden kit.

Incorporates integrated siren for emergency situations
Rugged ABS plastic construction
Press to talk trigger
Compact design

Model Number HMP4
Product Code 114-1041
Height (mm) 185
Width (mm) 155
Depth (mm) 245
Weight (kg) 0.75 (without batteries)
Max output 10W
Battery type AA x 8
Power duration Approx 6 hours
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  • Model: HMP4/114-1041
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