3ltr "F" class Wet Chemical


Our wet chemical fire extinguishers can fight fires involving cooking oils and deep fat.

The wet chemical fire extinguisher also has a class A rating so it does have the capability of fighting fires fuelled by solid combustible materials.

These extinguishers would fit perfectly into any catering area, particularly business applications such as fast food outlets, chip shops and fast-food vehicles.

The wet chemical fire extinguisher is supplied with a special lance to help accurate application of the wet chemical media.

These extinguishers are supplied with a suitable wall mounting bracket which makes storing the unit easy and safe. Fire Rating 13A / 70B / 40F
Kite Mark Certified to BSEN3
Fire class A & F deep fat fryer
Supplied filled, pressurised & includes mounting bracket
High quality external polyester paint
Thermoplastic internal coating to prevent corrosion
Brass Nickel Chrome plated head valve with simple squeeze operation
Branded Firechief, Commander Savex or Firepower.

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  • Model: 100-1214/FXWC3
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